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  Pontremoli and its Palaces  

Considering its size and its historic past, Pontremoli offers an abundant array of cultural events and opportunites. Among the various churches, very distinct is that of San Nicolo' which to this day preserves a notable wooden cross which dates back to the 16th century and depicts the black Christ. The Santa Maria del Popolo Cathedral, built in the 17th century, holds a vast number of sculptures and painting of great value. Worth a visit is also the church of San Pietro whose labyrinth was projected in the 11th century.


Not far from the hamlet, the S.S. Annunziata which in the past centuries was used as a hospital, later became a leprosarium and was eventually converted into a church and convent. This building dates back to the 15th century and preserves interesting wood embellished details, wall-painting of great value and a small temple which was probably designed by Sansovino. The convent, which today holds private and state-run cultural institutions, definitely hosts the most important memoirs and masterpieces. Considering their rare beauty, two cloistered courts and the largest salon with its most impressive wall-painting are definitely worth a visit.


Among the monuments the municipal palace (or praetorian), a medieval construction which in the past centuries has undergone several transformations, was finally modified to appear as it is today around the 18th century. Thanks to their enormous artistic value, one must not forget to visit the Dosi Palace, the Malaspina palaces, the Ruschi Pavesi palace, the Damiani Palace and the many other historical monuments which all preserve prestigious architectural details, paintings and wall-paintings.


The villas are also worth a visit. The most important one it that of the Marchesi Dosi Delfini which is located at Chiosi and distinguishes itself thanks to its pleasurable architecture and its fascinating environment. Without a doubt, Pontremoli has contributed much to the historical and cultural enrichment of Italy starting from its stele statues which inspired the opening of a museum. Pontremoli's monuments, its churches and bridges which appear in various paintings, have a distinctive Pontremoli baroque style which is unique to this town.